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RS Toolbar for Runescape

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Welcome to RS Toolbar for Runescape. This RS toolbar is specifically designed for avid Runescape players looking to make their Runescape playing experience much more organized and efficient. The toolbar combines a number of useful features like an assortment quick links (which will be discussed at great length below), links to all your favorite Runescape fan sites like RuneHQ (Rune HQ or Runescape HQ), Tip It (Runescape Tips) and Zybez (Runescape Help). This toolbar also has an integrated popup blocker to stop all those annoying pop ups, spell check for when you are posting on Runescape forums, local weather forecasts, email checker and Runescape World Switcher. Download it now:

In addition to all the wonderful features mentioned above this toolbar also has an assortment of features related to improving your Runescape playing experience, a few of them are mentioned below:

Runescape Clan Listings

Runescape clans are a very dynamic and positive aspect of the game of Runescape, and in support of that RS toolbar has added a specific section to our toolbar offers quick link access to loads of the most popular and most powerful Runescape clans. If you are looking for a Runescape clan there many for you to check out via our toolbar. Alternatively if you run a Runescape clan and would like to have it listed on the RS toolbar you can visit our forum and apply to have your Runescape clan listed.

Runescape Blogs

We at RS Toolbar also realise the grow trend of Runescape players liking to keep a blog of their Runescape experience, and we at RS Toolbar also like reading about these Runescape experiences so we have created a section where we have listed a number of the popular Runescape blogs. If you'd like to have your Runescape blog listed please feel free to go to our forum and post an application to have your Runescape blog added to the Runescape Toolbar.

Runescape Forums

Much like Runescape blog we at RS Toolbar know that a vast majority of Runescape players enjoy visiting one or more Runescape forums. So in addition to having quick links to the official Runescape forum we have also added a number of the other popular Runescape forums that many of our users enjoy. Forums like Rune HQ, Tip It, Runescape Community, Runescape Boards and more.

Runescape World Map, Highscores, Forums, Knowledge Base & News

We have integrated quick links to the following popular features of the official Runescape site to save time and allow for quick access:

Runescape Highscores
Runescape Forums
Runescape News
Runescape Knowledge Base
Runescape World Map

Runescape Skill Guides

RS Toolbar also has quick links to many of your favourite Runescape fan sites' skill guide sections, like Rune HQ, Rune Tips and Runescape Help's skill guides. We also plan to develop our very own set of Runescape skill guides for this site with time for use with our Runescape toolbar.

Runescape Quest Help Guides

RS Toolbar also has quick links to assortment of Runescape quest help guides on the the most popular Runescape fan sites - Rune HQ, Rune Tips and Runescape Help's skill guides. We also plan to develop our own Runescape quest help guides for this site for use with out Runescape toolbar.

Runescape Calculators

RS Toolbar also has quick links to a range of Runescape calculators on the the most popular Runescape fan sites so can quickly work out just how much experience you need to reach your Runescape goals. We also plan to develop our own Runescape calculators for this site for use with out Runescape toolbar. So stay tuned for that.

Runescape Maps and World Map

RS Toolbar also has quick links to an assortment of Runescape maps for the various parts of Runescape in addition to an quick link to the overall Runescape World Map. So you will never get lost whilst you have your RS Toolbar.

Other Runescape Related Tools

Even with all the stuff that this toolbar already has, it has more! We have also integrated quick links to a number of useful tools like, image hosts, for all your Runescape screenshots that you get while you are Pking. Also we have quick links to video hosts, for players who like to take footage whilst playing. Plus for all those clan members out there we also have a timezone converter so you can coordinate all your around the world events easily. Download it now: